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Justin Melvey - an introduction
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Objective:- Journalism

* Education:
- Certificate of Matriculation 1997 - 1998 ( Open Training & Education Network)

Result: 75.4

*Awards and Accreditation's
- TAFE Certificate in Hairdressing (1995) : 12 month full-time course, which included both, written and applied theory. Also included managerial and customer support. Result: credit (70%) Major studies in:
*Retail Selling for Cosmetology Services
*Working in the Hair/ Beauty Industry
*Basin Skills

- Chaays Model Management Promotions Graduation (1995) . I have been working for Chaays since graduation and have gained a great deal of knowledge from their teachings. The subjects I studied were:
*Modeling ( Photographic, Catwalk and Glamour)
*Drama (improvisation and rehearsed script)

* School Involvement and Extra Academic Achievements:
- Member of the NSW Inter School Mock Trial Competitions for 3 years (position held: barrister)
- Regular Writer and Contributor to Primary and High School journals, newsletters, and newspapers.
- Member of the NSW School Newspaper of the Year in 93 (position held: feature writer). During my 12 months of study in the media, I wrote two articles for the Newcastle Herald with a fellow student and another by myself. One of these was with a noted Australian television personality (Dieter Brummer), another with a local radio presenter for NX fm. The third was a human-interest piece on a youth hostel in Newcastle.
- Selected for a Senior Academic Scholarship (Yr. 11 &12) at Macquarie College, 182-222 Lake Road, NSW 2287. However, due to the extremely small number of seniors (12 in Yr. 11), I was unable to study a higher level of English and Mathematics, and so rejected the proposal.
- Member of the Dramatic Society in Wallsend for 3 years. (Regular performer and also background assistant).
- A total of over 100 merit certificates in my school record for outstanding achievement in subjects or extracurricular activities.
- Participant in, and Distinction Winner for, the Hunter Region Mathematics Competition.
- Participant in the Australian Schools Science Competition for 5 years.
- Achieved all A's in School Certificate, 1994.
- Awarded the Wallsend High School's Gold Award for excellence in school spirit, endeavour, consistent achievement, leadership, community spirit and goodwill.
- Participated in the Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians (A national program which identifies and fosters talented students in the area of Mathematics).
- In the top 2% overall ranking in Years 8-11.

* Recent Publications:

- Wallsend Leader
August 2000: feature article: 'Callaghan Collegiate'
October 2000: community articles: 'RSPCA: A Lifestyle Choice'
'Academic talks on Olympics'

September 2000: review: 'Honeymoon: a novel by Amy Jenkins'
August 2000: review: 'FAME The Muscial'

- Constructed my own web site as a result of an interview with a noted Australian (and international) television personality (Justin Melvey from Home and Away). Pages include:
-Feature Interview (2000 words)
-Contact Details

- Contributor to, a professional web site, promoted by Melvey and Channel Seven. Most of my interview with Justin was included in his Personal Bio.

* Other Skills:
- Advanced knowledge in computing, word processing, web design and construction (PowerPoint, Excel, Office, Word97, AOL Press, PageMill, and PhotoExpress).
- Four years study in yoga and movement.
- Two years study in the development of film and critical analysis (Major thesis on Alfred Hitchcock in 2000)
- Semester study in the relationship between media and society (Major study on the sexualisation of teenagers).
- Three years study in Shakespeare and Romantic Poetry (In-depth analysis of 10 plays and 3 major poets).
- Two years study in Journalism Writing (features, human interests, community, hard news, and character profiles).

*Positions Held: -
- Three years experience in fast food (Yum Yums at Wallsend, McDonalds, King St, Newcastle)
- Two years experience in sales:
-David Jones, Hunter Street Mall. Responsibilities: Customer enquiries, customer support, call-backs, and distribution of goods, stocktake, and floor supervisor. Areas responsible for: Jewellery, Make-up, Handbags and Accessories.
-Patterson Matchmakers, Newcastle. Responsibilities: sale representative, sales consultant, customer enquiries, and marketing.

* Work Experience: NBN Pty Ltd. During my time at NBN I undertook the role of a Production Assistant. Achieved the highest rating of excellence in
-Attendance and Punctuality
-Neatness in Work and Appearance
-Work Attitude
-Capacity to Develop
-Relations to Others

* Current Employment:
- Feature Writer for The Wallsend Leader, 12 Burke St, Birmingham Gardens, 2287, NSW.
- Review Writer for OPUS (university magazine)

*Current Academic Position:
- Final in Bachelor of Arts (Communications) at the University of Newcastle. Maintaining a credit average in all subjects.

* References:

- David Rowe (PhD)
Associate Professor in Media and Cultural Studies
Acting Head, Department of Leisure and Tourism Studies
Faculty of Arts and Social Science
University of Newcastle
University Drive, Callaghan
NSW 2308
Phone: (+61 2) 4921 6630
Fax: (+61 2) 4921 7402

- John Moore
Editor: Wallsend Leader newspaper
Phone: (02) 49 51 7478