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Thank you for taking the time to view my site.

Being a freelance writer and journalist, promotion is very important to me. It is for this reason you are here now.

As many in the business already know, the media is one of the hardest occupations in which to seek recognition. Since it is a profession with such a high demand for employment, candidates who are chosen seem to usually 'have a friend' in the business. Since I have not the social connections (not yet anyway), I have chosen to represent myself.

Included in this site are examples of my work. To promote objectivity, I have chosen works from every area possible-both fiction and non-fiction,including poetry, short stories, reviews and newspaper articles.

At the beginning of this year, most of my work had only been published in the local Newcastle University magazine, OPUS. However, only six months later, I am working part-time for a local newspaper, writing feature articles and editorials.

'The Hamilton Leader' is a small business newspaper and does n't have a web site but I have included some articles I have written for it throughout the year.

I am determined to get my work, both fiction and non-fiction, recognised in more prestigious publications (no offense to the guys from OPUS!)

If you would like to contact me regarding freelance work, just follow the contact icon on the left. I have recently had my work published on an ex-Home and Away star's web site and am happy to pass on my fees to any inquirers.


Copyright 2000, 2001

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