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Reflective Poetry


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Reflective Poetry

1. Life's Circle

Inherently green.
Changing colour,
Now golden red

Flutter downward,
Float to the ground.
Blown here and there,
Swirl all around.

In a whirlwind.
Caught up, ensnared,
Trapped eternally,
Never to escape.

Covered, smothered, cold,
Icy, flaky snow,

Peeking outward,
Growing, bursting forth.
Sunlight, warm winds,
Green once again.

Life is renewed,
Flowing in the wind.

Nadine Tisdell

2. Poetry

Feelings written,
Fondness shown,
Love revealed,
Life described.

Seasons changed,
Earth explored,
Hopes recorded,
Dreams announced.

Wishes voiced,
Futures formed,
Beliefs weighed,
Faith confirmed,


Souls searched.

Nadine Tisdell

3. I Believe

I believe in destiny.

I believe there is such a thing as love at first site.

I believe we all have our soul mates out there; we just have to find them.

I believe in pursuing a dream but not at the expense of others.

I believe it is okay to have sex before marriage.

I believe that if you trust in life, things will work out.

I believe that no matter how hard things seem, there is always someone out there who is doing it tougher.

I believe that no love is greater than that between parent and child.

I believe the eyes are the windows to the soul.

I believe that love can go on for eternity.

I believe that thoughts wield great power.

I believe that you can't choose who you love.

I believe that I am okay despite all my flaws.

I believe that life is precious and often taken for granted.

I believe that smiling is sometimes the best medicine.

I believe that if you like a person you should tell them.

I believe that the truth doesn't have to hurt if you say it with compassion.

I believe that we are all flawed and thats what makes mankind so wonderful.

Nadine Tisdell

4. Searching

I wander into the darkness,
Searching for a light.
It seemed that I found nothing,
Except the black of night.
I challenged it with anger,
And stumbled in dismay.
The hope of new beginnings
Seemed just too far away.

I learnt more of life's lessons,
They never seemed to end.
Touching, feeling, smelling,
On what could I depend?
I waited there with patience,
My father showed me how.
A constant source of courage,
I feel it in me now.

A spark invades the blackness,
Cutting through it like a knife.
The rising warmth surrounds me,
Flowing through my life.
The road is just beginning.
I finally clear my head.
I can see the hope beyond
And embrace each day instead.

Nadine Tisdell

5. The Water Drop

The icy droplet
Unfolds its grasp
From the wavering rose petal.
I watch

It bursts into tiny fragments
Like glass breaking on concrete.
I see the fall, feel the loss.
I watch

Hypnotic, another follows, then another,
Glittering the ground, they become one.
Playful elves dancing in the moonlight.
I watch

Erasing time, sealing memory,
I close my eyes
Needing, I reach out, hold my breath
And ... I touch

Nadine Tisdell

All words, images and designs are the sole property of N.Tisdell and cannot be reproduced without prior written consent.