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Romantic Poetry


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Romantic Poetry
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1. When I See You

Rolling and racing,
Pounding and plunging,
My heart
When I see you.

Reeling and rushing,
Happy and hopeful,
My mind
When I see you.

Wide and wondering,
Shiny and sparkly,
My eyes
When I see you.

Soft and smiling,
Anxious and anticipating,
My lips
When I see you.

Still and seeking,
Rejoicing and ready,
Am I
When I see you.

Nadine Tisdell

2.Romance Fades

Screaming pulses,
Beating hearts.
The sky's the limit
when you're in love.

Once announced
the object turns
from one of affection
to that of indifference.

Romance fades.

Routine creeps in.
What once was sweet
new and exciting
is now tarnished.

Requited love is often
the hardest love of all
for it is much easier
to love from afar.

Romance fades.

Who knew that he
wakes up disheveled
every morning
with as many flaws as me.

Imagination cuts deep.
Champagne and strawberries
turn into a six pack
and backseat fondlings.

Romance fades.

The sun has risen
Now it will set.
What once was golden
Slowly blackens.

Muted sensations.
Slurred voices.
Reality is tiring
and romance is dead.

Nadine Tisdell

3.Friends Unseen

Although you are a friend of mine
And thoughts we do sometimes exchange
I would not know you on the street
And doesn't that seem strange?

You hold a place within my life
Unusual, special , unique
We share ideals and closet dreams
And still we do not speak.

I picture what I think you are
Perhaps you do the same with me?
Intriguing games for both of us
Someone we cannot see.

So for this friendship we possess
We owe the internet a debt,
Perhaps the charm lies in the fact
That we have never met.

Nadine Tisdell

All words, images and designs are the sole property of N.Tisdell and cannot be reproduced without prior written consent.